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Common Values of Three African Champions: Aliou Cissé-Pape Thiaw-Malick Daf, Rigour in Speech and Method


Aliou Cissé, Pape Thiaw and Malick Daf have a lot in common. Former internationals and new African champions, they also have some similarities in the way they manage their group, with one word: rigour!

ALIOU CISSE : El Tactico

If he was stuck with the name of the former president of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, it is no coincidence. In fact, AliouCissé is the prototype of this rigorous coach in his speech and his method. And the players return it well through exemplary discipline in the Lair and outside (the page of miscellaneous facts having been turned for years). This rigour also pushes Aliou Cissé to cling to his certainties and especially to his executives or African champions whom he often likes to hatch. An approach that has an impact on the emergence of young talents. Hence the questions precisely in relation to the exploitation he will make of the latest exploits of the local players at Chan and the Cubs at AFCON U20. But that is another debate. In his communication, “El Tactico” also has his own method, although, it is true, it is debatable.Indeed, apart from his traditional meetings with journalists the day before Lions matches, the “man with dreadlocks” rarely grants interviews to the local press. Preferring to stay in his bubble. « Stubborn » for some, he always sticks to his convictions.

PAPE THIAW : El Tecnico

He fooled everyone. Of a very cool nature, Pape Thiaw actually hides a false face. The man at the heel is as rigorous as his other colleagues Aliou Cissé and Malick Daf. But what characterises him in his coaching are the risks he took when attacking the Chan. Indeed, in his preferential starting XI, Pape Thiaw dared to bench holders who had nevertheless participated in the qualifying matches; like the goalkeeper of Casa Sports, Alioune Badara Faty, the defender of Jaraaf, Mélo Ndiaye, to name a few. And finally the choices of the local coach paid off. We can cite the case of Pape MamadouSy, elected best goalkeeper of the Algerian Chan.

Calmer on the bench than Cissé and Daf, Pape Thiaw seems very equipped when it comes to studying the opponent.Evidenced by his journey during the Chan, where he implemented several strategies that have proven to be winning.Between opting for high and aggressive pressing or leaving the ball to the opponent, the former coach of Niarry Tally has always been able to outsmart the opponent. Thus proving his qualities as a tactician.

MALICK DAF : El Professor

The video of his rant at half-time in the final has gone viral. « Malick Daf amoul tiakhane (Malick Don’t Joke) », like to repeat his allies and friends who have frequented and rubbed shoulders with him. Unhappy with his kids at the break, where they were still leading 1-0 against the Young Scorpions, Malick Daf shook the walls of the locker room with a tough speech. The U20 coach did not appreciate the overall behaviour of his team. A rant that produced its effects, with a better start of the band to Samba Diallo in the second half which got the better of the Gambians who fell in front of those stronger than them.

This rigour in the speech, we feel it especially when the players talk about their coach. “We know our coach Daf well.We’ve been together since the U17s. This rigour and also the fact of not smiling, we are now used to it. It’s positive pressure for us, » said U20 midfielder Djibril Diarra on their return to Dakar. This rigour is also reflected in the facial expression of the native of the Medina who also knows how to smile when the context requires it. Normal, a first AFCONU20, it’s something to celebrate!

By Hyacinthe DIANDY /

  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH


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