Accueil English News Indictment in the Molotov Cocktail Case: The Judge Launches the First Shots

Indictment in the Molotov Cocktail Case: The Judge Launches the First Shots


After several days in police custody and returns from the prosecution, those arrested in connection with the so-called Molotov cocktails case were placed yesterday under a warrant of committal by the Dean of the judges for offenses related to terrorist activities. In the meantime, investigations are continuing at the level of Urban Security and also the Dakar Public Prosecutor’s Office, whose boss should speak soon. As, a second group is waiting…

It is the end of one ordeal and the beginning of another. After 5 returns from the prosecution, the 8 alleged manufacturers of Molotov cocktails were all charged and placed under arrest warrant by the Dean of the judges for alleged offenses of threats to public security and terrorism. Ms. Awa Diop was also imprisoned following investigations in this case. The police would have avoided the worst in Dakar during the appeal trial for defamation between Minister Mame Mbaye Niang and the leader of the Pastef party, Ousmane Sonko. With the help of a large batch of Molotov cocktails, this new « Commando » wanted to confront, with such weapons, the Forces of order. Of course, it was the Urban Security that managed to foil their plan after exploiting intelligence and discovering the weapons in an incomplete house in Malika. These include, among others, Cheikh Omar Bitèye, marabout resident in Malika Plage, Abdourahmane Mboup, carpenter based in Sangalkam, Baye Mbaye Kane, trader living in Malika, and Ahmadou Fofana, a tailor resident in Malika.

Today, the police are continuing their investigations to trace the chain of complicity. Urban Security continues to put the pieces of the puzzle together… Almost a month after their arrest for participating in a « conspiracy against State authority » and « threats to national security », new elements are emerging: we do not know how far the agents of the « Special Force » and the « Commando » of the Pastef party were ready to go, several elements of which were arrested by the police, which is certain, according to the first elements of investigation, they were going to cause trouble. In the meantime, the SU is continuing its investigations, increasing the number of arrests and continuing to track other members of the « gang », who are at great risk. Abdoul Karim Diop, public prosecutor at the High Court of First Instance in Dakar, was scheduled to speak last Tuesday. With the appearance of new elements, he decided to postpone to take time to “complete the investigation”.

The throwing of Molotov cocktails on the Forces of order and in the homes of private individuals by demonstrators begins to annoy at the highest peak of the State. Molotov cocktails have been circulating in force in this country for some time. On the sidelines of the Ngor protests, Farba Ngom saw his house go up in flames after the device was thrown into it.  The forces of order work to survive during each demonstration. Because they have been victims of it for some time. A few days ago, individuals were arrested in Malika with also Molotov cocktails, in the wake of the « Special Forces » and the « Commando », when they planned to attack the Forces of order, according to the police investigation. Last Thursday, the Minister of the Interior and Public Security drew a red line by warning the demonstrators.

By Justin GOMIS /

  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH


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