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Violence at the National Assembly: Amy Ndiaye Gniby Assaulted by MP Massata Samb

MP Amy Ndiaye Gniby received a slap from her colleague Massata Samb in the middle of a plenary session. The slap is a rather crazy and unjustified reaction of Massata Samb on his colleague. Massata Samb took advantage of his speaking time to quote Rule 58 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly. He called for police of the session following the disturbances noted in the Chamber.

« An MP recently said discourteous remarks about a marabout, » he reminded President Amadou Mame Diop. Amy NdiayeGniby, author of the remarks, then replied from her seat that she did not care. Massata Samb immediately cut short his speech, rushed towards her and slapped her. The two protagonists were separated, but Amy Ndiaye counterattacked by throwing a chair.

The plenary devoted to the vote on the budget of the Ministry of Justice was suspended for a moment after the incident.This affair is likely to cause more trouble in the National Assembly. The opposition still criticises Amy Ndiaye Gniby for her remarks against Serigne Moustapha Sy, religious guide of the Moustarchidines and founding president of the Party of Unity (Pur). They demand a public apology from the parliamentarian.

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