3 Suspected Terrorists Attempted Infiltration in the East of the Country

As part of a group of 3 suspected jihadists, an armed individual was apprehended by the people of Sadatou and beaten to death. His two alleged accomplices managed to escape their pursuers. The populations say they wanted to discourage any attempt to infiltrate their area.

For a long time, all of Senegal has been aware of the jihadist danger, which is looming over the country from the eastern borders. To the point that even in the most remote areas from the capital, people are in a state of vigilance. This is what happened on the night of Friday to Saturday, in the commune of Kidira, precisely in the rural community of Sadatou, not far from Keniéba.

Three people were arrested with firearms. Presented as jihadists whose presence had been reported in the area for a few weeks, the populations chased them. For some residents of the area, these alleged jihadists were scouting, with a view to preparing large-scale attacks. Once located, these three individuals were chased by the populations of Sadatou.

Two of these alleged jihadists managed to escape their pursuers and were able to escape, thanks to the darkness. The third, who was not so lucky, was lynched on the spot. The people beat him to death. Images taken with phones show unbearable scenes. The police, dispatched to the scene, could only see the end of the drama, because the person had even been buried on the spot by his executioners.

Of those interviewed, those who agreed to speak said they believed this was the best way to deter terrorists from using their area as a base for possible criminal operations in the country. It is not yet known, at this time, what the reaction of the Defence and Security Forces will be to this latest occurrence.

By Mohamed GUEYE /

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