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Death of Mamadou Ly: Doctor Babacar Niang’s Responsibility Engaged, According to the General Prosecutor’s Office


Doctor Babacar Niang was to face the examining magistrate of the first cabinet last Monday. The prosecution opened a judicial investigation after the referral of the doctor. 

The case follows the death of Mamadou Ly alias Doudou Fall, an agent at the Medina town hall. He is a victim of assault and battery during the demonstrations on Thursday March 16, 2023. The Suma Assistance boss is implicated over the care of this patient.

Mamadou Ly alias Doudou Fall was admitted to the clinic when these vital prognosis were made. He had to undergo surgery, his family paid the fees to Suma Assistance. 

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the medical staff at the clinic did not perform the surgery many hours after the patient was admitted. The family thus requested the evacuation of the patient to the Principal Hospital in Dakar. But, the victim was referred without his medical file, subsequently transmitted via WhatsApp. 

The Attorney General, Ibrahima Bakhoum explained, during a press briefing, the responsibility of Doctor Niang is engaged.

« All decisions in terms of priority of care are dictated by Doctor Babacar Niang » revealed Ibrahima Bakhoum who specified that the doctor is co-owner and administrator of the Suma Assistance clinic. 

Two complaints have been filed against the boss of Suma Assistance. He is targeted for the offences of failure to assist a person in danger and manslaughter. He was to go to court this Tuesday to find out the next stages of this case.

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