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Management of Force Covid-19 Funds: Time for Accountability

The first president of the Court of Auditors will seize the Ministry of Justice today, to request the indictment of the persons mentioned in the report on the management of the funds for the fight against the effects of COVID. This will allow the judicial system to get into play, and to hear all those involved.

The government wants to quickly get out of the sulphureous report of the Court of Auditors on the management of funds intended for the fight against the effects of the COVID-19. Le Quotidien has learned that today, the first president of the Court of Auditors, Mamadou Faye, will seize the Chancellery in order to trigger prosecution against all those pinned in the report for facts constituting crimes or misdemeanour. The Head of State also recalled yesterday, in the meeting of the Council of Ministers in Tambacounda, his instructions, so that the ministers quickly implement all the recommendations of the Court of Auditors, as made in the said report, and to ensure that all the accused explain themselves before the competent courts.

During a press briefing held on Friday, December 23, the Finance and Budget minister, Mamadou Moustapha Ba, and his colleague of Trade (spokesperson of the government), Abdou Karim Fofana, had stressed that the Court of Auditors had stated 85 recommendations, « which will be capitalised and internalised as good practices in terms of good governance of public resources, in emergency and crisis situations”. In these 85 recommendations, some advocate for the prosecution of alleged perpetrators of assimilable acts to embezzlement of public funds or overcharges. Moustapha going so far as to specify that the amounts estimated as ahead of legal proceedings, concerned exactly 6 billion 686 million 784 thousand CFA francs, « or 0.7% of the total amount of the PRES disbursed ». PRES is the economic and social resilience program.

The 9 ministries in question are those of Health and Social action, Microfinance and Economic solidarity, Communitydevelopment, Social and Territorial equity, Trade and small and medium-sized enterprises, Women, family, gender and protection of children, culture and communication, as well as industrial development and small and medium-sized industries. For most of these ministerial departments, it is the Administrative and Equipments Managers (DAGE) that are questioned for various amounts. Other noncriminal recommendations, which relate to management faults, will lead to sending their authors before the financial discipline chamber of the Court of Auditors. A common practice in administration, which concerns hundreds of officials each year.

In any event, all those involved will have the leisure to be heard before the competent courts, and, according to his allies, as far as the President of the Republic is concerned he does not intend to cover anyone in this case. As some colleagues like to say, he will not put his elbow on any file. The fact that already the president of the Court of Auditors will seize this Thursday the Ministry of Justice is also a sign that the government would like to determine as quickly as possible, if administrative sanctions should follow certain convictions, or if it may also, as expected in some cases, people will be able to wash themselves from any infamy.

By Mohamed GUEYE /

  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH

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