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Small arms possession and crime in Senegal: the terror statistics

In a survey on detention, trafficking and crimes committed with the use of small arms, Sud Quotidien gives figures that are chilling. When we still epilogue on the robbery followed by a shooting in Saint-Louis during which one of the assailants was killed by the gendarmes, the newspaper reports « 77% of violence committed with the use of firearms against 23 % using knives ”.

Even more frightening, informs Sud Quotidien, in Senegal « every 9 days a violent crime is committed with the use of light weapons ». Statistics that are likely to worsen if we know that in West Africa « 11 million firearms are in the hands of civilians ». But especially with the existence, in Senegal, of a black market (Médina Gounass, Touba and Diaobé) that the authorities are still unable to dismantle.

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