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Aminata Touré Stripped of her MP Mandate: The Trick Is Played

Aminata Touré is no longer an MP. The APR appealed to the Bureau of the National Assembly for her removal. Members of Wallu‘s parliamentary group were in favour of the vote. They talk about « consistency ». Aminata Touré denounces a « violation of the law » and accuses Macky of being behind the move.

The dissent will take place outside the Chamber. The sentence has fallen: Aminata Touré is stripped of her mandate as a parliamentarian. The Executive of the National Assembly acted on this yesterday. They were 10 parliamentarians to vote in favour and 6 to defend the former Prime Minister. The deputies of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) tipped the balance. Thus, the former head of the list of Benno bokk yaakaar (Bby) will be replaced by Ndeye Fatou Sougou, Pikine militant from the same political camp.

For Aminata Touré, this decision of the Executive of the National Assembly is made « in total violation of the law ». In a tweet, she accused President Macky Sall of being behind the decision. « I have just learned of my exclusion from the National Assembly by President Macky Sall, in total violation of the law. I remain more determined than ever to continue my fight for the entrenchment of Senegalese democracy and against its attempt at a third term morally and legally unacceptable, » said Aminata Touré.

In view of the configuration of the 14th legislature, Bby‘s will could not materialise in the absence of allies.

On the motivations that pushed the MPs of the Wallu parliamentary group to vote for the dismissal of Mimi Touré, Nafissatou Diallo of the Pds speaks of « coherence ». « Yesterday we had to do the same thing with MPs who were with us.It was requested for Madické Niang, who later submitted his resignation. In 2021, Pur wrote to demand the resignation of Issa Sall, whom they no longer considered a member of the party. It is a law that says so. We are not here to discuss party rules. We cannot give up. It is the Pds who passed this law, » she said on Tfm, thus sweeping aside revenge against the one who was in charge of the hunt for ill-gotten gains. It should be remembered that « any MP who resigns from his party during the legislature is automatically stripped of his mandate. It is replaced under the conditions determined by an organic law, » states the Constitution of Senegal.

Only, in the case of Aminata Touré, her resignation was not recorded within the Apr. She has always claimed her membership of this party and has also assumed her dissent by resigning from the parliamentary group of the presidential movement. This dissent began when Aminata Touré knew that she was not going to be proposed as President of the National Assembly even though she led Bby‘s list in the Legislative elections of July 31, 2022. « It is because I do not agree for a morally and judicially impossible 3rd term, » she explained. Since then, Aminata Touré has not stopped taking action against the Presidential majority.

During the vote on the government’s motion of censure, she voted for it while Bby naturally opposed it. Recently, a report by the General State Inspectorate (Ige) singled out her management when she was president of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese). In her defence, Aminata Touré called for a public audit of the management of all the presidents of the EESC during the Macky Sall era.


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