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18 safar! A particular day in the Muslim calendar. It commemorates the exile of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of the Mouride brotherhood. It is celebrated as recommended Khadim Rassoul over the world especially in the religious city of Touba, where thousands of faithful from around the world converge.
This Thursday is the big day. Touba is packed. The streets and alleys are crowded with people. We must act together to clear a path. Go to the mosque to pray is an obstacle course. It takes hours to get there. But, the faithful, very devoted endure the test.Under the blazing sun, poor, rich, children, adults, old, men or women, the faithful are massively came to renew their worship Allah and Serigne Touba.

A day like no other
Fresh water bags and coffee cups are distributed to pilgrims. The passion and devotion are noticeable. The ambiance of Magal is the pinnacle. A concert Khassidas is played in the city. Loudspeakers installed around the big mosque distill « Xassidas » of Serigne Touba.

On the esplanade of the mosque, worshipers sit on the floor. Some read the Koran, others pray. Zikrs are sung in chorus by Mourid talibés.

Come Sicap Dieupeul 2 Mamadou Drame dripping with sweat. His peers shoes in his hands, it displays a satisfaction mine out of the mosque. « I have just completed my ziarra. I went around all the mausoleums of the Khalifes who are in the big mosque.Good talibé Mouride, I’m really proud, « says the sexagenarian who spent more than 30 minutes in line. Tired, he joined his hosting site where he said, the festivities ahead.

Athletic physics, dressed in a T-shirt with the image of Mame Cheikh Ibrahima Fall, his shoes in a paper bag, Abdou Seck patient in the long Indian files. Coming from Bambey, he does not think to come to Touba without entering the big mosque. « I will wait for the time it will take. I do not feel tired. I will follow the rank to enter the Great Mosque to say a wish and pray, « he said.

Coming to Touba to succede

Pupil in terminal class, Ndèye Mery Lo, with his father has already done his « ziarra ». She says she has prayed for her bachelor’s degree. « I come to collect me in different mausoleums of the great mosque. I was first at the mausoleum of Serigne Mbacke Fallilou and the mausoleum of Serigne Moustapha Mbacke. I am deeply moved. We can never thank Serigne Touba. May God reward him for all he has done for us, « she says.

Indeed, if some prefer ziarras on the day of Magal, others opt for the reading of « Xassidas ». It’s just like Moustapha Diagne, a thiessois, met at the esplanade of the mosque. Sitting on a mat, we found him reading « Sindidi », one of the works of the founder of Mouridism. « We came to answer the call of Serigne Touba. It’s an obligation as long as we have the means and the strength to do it. The Magal of Touba is a day of glory. It’s about doing good and avoiding harm.  »

The Magal of Touba is also the festivities. Pilgrims are spoiled for choice on the menus offered to them for free. The people of Touba does not skimp on ways in thanksgiving.

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