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National Assembly: MP for Rewmi resigns from BBY group

MP Mariétou Dieng said on Tuesday that she had resigned from the Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY) group, a consequence of her party’s ruptured alliance with the presidential majority.

 »My political leader has just declared his candidacy for the next presidential election […] With the immediate consequence of Rewmi’s exit from the BBY coalition. It makes sense then [for] myself to withdraw from the BBY caucus,” she wrote.

“I thus become a non-registered deputy,” Ms. Dieng announced in a letter addressed to the president of the BBY group in the National Assembly.

She promised,  »as a faithful militant, responsible for Keur Massar (west) and fifth vice-president of Rewmi », to support  »all the decisions » of the said political formation.

« For the work in the National Assembly, as is the case until now, my action will be guided by a single compass: the interest […] of the Senegalese people« , she added in his letter of resignation, a copy of which APS obtained.

Idrissa Seck resigned on Monday as President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE).

Yankhoba Diatara and Aly Saleh Diop, who hold positions of responsibility in his political party, have resigned from the government.

The Prime Minister, Amadou Ba, now heads the Ministries of Sports and Livestock, which were managed by MM. Diatara and Diop.

The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, and Idrissa Seck declared on Saturday that they had ended their collaboration, after the second made a declaration of candidacy for the presidential election of February 25, 2024.

Members of the ESEC prevented the holding of a session of the said institution last week.

In this way, they intended to make Mr. Seck pay for having announced his candidacy without taking into account the opinions of the other leaders of Benno Bokk Yaakaar.

They also reproached him for having affirmed that Macky Sall does not have the right to be a candidate in 2024.


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