Ousmane Sonko after his confrontation with Adji Sarr: « They Have Not provided Any Proof of their Accusation »

“The truth has come out. I have never raped and I will never be a rapist,” Ousmane Sonko said in a statement yesterday evening after his confrontation with Adji Sarr, who accused him of “rape and death threats. « . No hearing incident was noted during this face-to-face, according to Ousmane Sonko. “My accuser was correct, she spoke correctly. She didn’t say anything inappropriate about me or my lawyers. She didn’t disrespect anyone, starting with me. I ask her parents to do everything to get their daughter out of this situation which is beyond her. She lives under enormous pressure, threats. Do not let your daughter be manipulated by politicians,” admitted the defendant of the young masseuse, Adji Sarr.

He brushed aside the information about his supposed refusal to answer questions. He claims to have answered all the questions of the Dean of the judges, to those of his lawyers and to have referred one of Adji Sarr‘s lawyers, Me AbdouDialy Kane – when he wanted to question him – to his interview in February 2021 in which he said he had all the evidence of the rape.

On the confrontation, the leader of the Pastef party thinks that this episode should be preceded by the hearing of certain people cited in the file. In addition, Ousmane Sonko reaffirmed the filing of his complaint against the former prosecutor, Serigne Bassirou Guèye, who, according to him, “falsified” the report of the preliminary investigation of the gendarmerie on this case. He remains convinced that this case is “a plot hatched by the regime”.


  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH

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