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Sweet Beauty Case : Adji Sarr Disappointed With Sonko’s Attitude at the Confrontation

Adji Sarr calmly came out of the offices of the Dean of the investigating judges after yesterday’s confrontation with Ousmane Sonko. The masseuse expressed to the press her disappointment with the behaviour of her alleged rapist. « I’m a bit disappointed. I expected a confrontation with Ousmane Sonko. But to the questions put to him, Ousmane Sonkopreferred not to answer Me El Hadj Diouf”, declared the accuser of the leader of the Pastef party in front of the journalists. “He did not answer the questions of Me El Hadj Diouf, those of the Dean of the judges and the prosecutor. He also refused to respond to my questions. On the other hand, I answered all the questions, those of my lawyers, everything,” added the client of Lawyers El Hadj Diouf and Abdou Dialy Kane.

Denying having declared that she was pregnant, the ex-masseuse of the « Sweet Beauty » salon will still say about her alleged executioner: « I saw an Ousmane (Sonko) whom I have never seen, who was not the Ousmane who appeared in front of the televisions, very sure of himself. Instead, I saw an Ousmane who was speechless. He did not have the courage to speak to me during the confrontation.

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