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Albinos live in precarious situations and continue to die of skin cancer. That’s why the National Association of Albinos is angry with the state of Senegal. The president of the albino association, Mouhamadou Bamba Diop, criticizes the authorities for not taking charge of « the needs and concerns of people living with albinism ».

The International Day of Awareness of Albinism, celebrated this Thursday, June 13, 2019, is an opportunity for albinos to ask the State of Senegal more consideration. « In the 4th edition, we asked that the State of Senegal take into account the needs and concerns of people living with albinism. And during these four years of awareness, there have been no noticeable advances.
The albinos thus remain with precarious situations. They continue to die of skin cancer and so far, there is no program dedicated to people living with albinism, « 
he claims on iRadio. The National Association of Albinos has decided, from this 5th edition, to make available to the Senegalese authorities a memorandum containing the action plan 2017-2021 of the African Union on albinism.

According to Mouhamadou Bamba Diop, « this action plan has achievements and highlights the support and integration of the resolution of problems related to albinism in Senegal. Because this plan of action speaks of the marginalization of assassinations. But what is important in this memorandum is that it directs the State on the axes of resolution of the problems related to albinism.
Because albinos need essential creams, clothes and glasses. Albinos are disabled. So, if the albino has the needs mentioned, he can live his life properly, « 
he concluded.

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