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The Prefect of the department of Ziguinchor got the better of the mayor of the southern capital. Chérif MouhamadouMakhtar Blondin Ndiaye saw the administrative chamber rule in his favour following his appeal against the name changing of certain streets in Ziguinchor. One of the first measures adopted by the City Council after the advent of Ousmane Sonko at the head of the town hall.

To rename the streets of his town, Ziguinchor, Mayor Ousmane Sonko will have to wait a while longer. The reason: the control of legality carried out by the administrative authority of the department of Ziguinchor with the Supreme Court finally got the better of the city councillor of the southern capital. The Administrative Chamber of the High Jurisdiction rendered its decision relating to the appeal made by the Prefect of Ziguinchor relating to the decision of the mayor of the town consisting of renaming certain streets of the locality. Ousmane Sonko had, in fact, renamed five streets of Ziguinchor. Changing the names of the streets dedicated to « French settlers » to give them « Pan-African » sounding names. Thus, the Supreme Court, in its decision rendered last Thursday, cancels the first deliberations of the Municipal Council of Ziguinchor relating to the naming of certain streets.Consequences: the old plates initially appearing in the streets concerned should be replaced there.

The reproach that the Prefect had made to the first magistrate of the city of Ziguinchor was nothing other than to rename several streets without his approval, and to violate the norm in the establishment of the organisation chart of the town hall.

The maintenance of certain names is an offence to national dignity, after more than 60 years of independence of our country, according to Sonko‘s team. That remains for them one of the motivations which prompted Mayor OusmaneSonko to change the names of certain streets. Thus, its constituents had finished noticing that the Avenue of Captain Javelier was renamed Avenue du Tirailleur africain, while the street of Lieutenant Lemoine became Rue Thiaroye 44.Other name changes: Rue de France was renamed Rue de l’Union Africaine while Rue de la Paix replaced Rue du Général De Gaulle. Until now it had to read rue Séléki 1886 instead of rue du Lieutenant Truch.


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