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Ousmane Sonko’s Latest Silly Manoeuvre

Referring to the fate of Ousmane Sonko‘s bodyguards, arrested following the Tchiky incidents, clashes in which they had assaulted people chanting the name of Adji Sarr who accused the leader of Pastef of rape and sexual abuse, BassirouDiomaye Faye said that these arrests were part of a strategy to reduce the security of the president of Pastef and make him vulnerable to attacks or to a planned assassination. In the aftermath, this lieutenant of Ousmane Sonko announced through social networks that a poisoning project directed against the person of the latter was underway. « We are also aware of the project to poison the PROS with the help of external secret services of two countries, » he said on November 3, 2022.Many people had quickly dismissed these delusions out of hand, considering that it was another vulgar lie, a statement tending to try to light a counterfire before the hearing, scheduled for the next day, November 4, 2022, of Ousmane Sonkoin a legal case opposing him to the Adji Sarr. The leaders of Pastef have this annoying habit, and no lie or delirium is big enough for them. The rhetoric of the eternal plot against Ousmane Sonko, and this time with the novelty of a poisoning project, has therefore been directed through various mediums. But since in the back offices of the « Pastéfiens » we would like to have follow-ups in the most absurd ideas, Ousmane Sonko and his allies sought to manufacture or ferment, give a semblance of truth to a « conspiracy » of this project of poisoning. This umpteenth plot that they no doubt intend to use in their manoeuvres and manipulations of public opinion turns out to be poorly hatched. They are so clumsy that their story turned out to be sewn with white thread!

Ousmane Sonko Sent Me a Person Who « Wanted to Poison Him »!

On November 26, 2022, an individual, introducing himself as Ibrahim Iradian, left me a message via Whatsapp to tell me that he had been working with Ousmane Sonko for a long time and that he would like to show the world the true face of the leader of Pastef. He claimed to want to open the eyes of Senegalese, especially young people, to the impostures of Ousmane Sonko and that. If I was interested in what he intended to reveal to me, I only had to express it to him with a laconic message and that he would arrange to meet me discreetly at the place I chose. I did not wait to be begged. Thus, the appointment was made for the same evening near the airport of Yoff. When he was on his way, coming from the neighbourhood of Jaxxay 2, he said, I called him on the telephone and thanks to the software of identification of the interlocutor, another name appeared on the screen. Never mind, I continued to play the game by asking him for his clothing to be able to identify him. I had already posted a lookout to make sure of his means of travel and with whom he would eventually come to the appointment. My lookout informed me that the person had been dropped off by a particular vehicle which he described to me. Ibrahima Iradian called me from another phone and another different name appeared. I sent another person to pick him up and drive him to my home, in a different vehicle than the one I had told him.

I could laugh at the burlesque way in which he sought to hide his face and the extravagant hat he wore. I put him at ease, being very friendly and interested in what he would have to tell me. From the outset, he was quite surprised that he was received at my home. I noted that he lied about his means of travel but I did not let anything show and refrained from asking him also how he obtained my phone number. I noticed, just by the care with which he placed his two telephones on the arm of the chair that he was recording our conversation. I pretended not to understand anything about his merry-go-round. The atmosphere was quite complicit and he was verbose by telling me the adventures of his companionship with Ousmane Sonko and how he had been brought to be close enough to him. He claimed to be introduced to Ousmane Sonkoby a brother of Anna Diamanka, the second wife of Ousmane Sonko. I also noted in my heart that he lied about certain episodes of the tumultuous marital relations of Ousmane Sonko and Anna Diamanka of which I knew parts. Besides, we can really say that I obviously knew more than him. He told me that if I revealed to the general public certain things in this union and in the intimate life of Ousmane Sonko, it would have further discredited him and would show that he is not worthy to lead a country like Senegal. He finally came to say, by dint of convolutions, that Ousmane Sonko had sought to kill him for a sacrifice, in order to gain power. The plot had been revealed to him by the fetishist who advocated sacrifice and to whom he had himself led Ousmane Sonko. This perfidy was for him enough reason to take revenge on the one who would have him murdered, and that he came to see me so that I could find poison for him to finish him off and at the same time to free Senegal from this great danger that this politician would constitute. He insisted that Ousmane Sonkoparticularly resented me to death, as well as four other personalities. I took the opportunity, without seeming to, to warn Ousmane Sonko and his cronies and send them specific messages about many things that I know about Ousmane Sonkobut that my ethics forbid me to reveal and with what lightning I would respond to any physical attack by OusmaneSonko‘s henchmen against my relatives or their property. I also wanted to be clear in my remarks, to dissuade him from undertaking the slightest violent action against his leader and especially not to seek to poison him. I hammered the statement in a loud and intelligible voice because I wanted it to be clearly audible as possible in his audio recordings.

My reaction upset him and I promised to keep in touch with him, to learn more about Ousmane Sonko. I dashed him the sum of one hundred thousand francs, insisting that he should remove this idea from his mind, although the scoundrel whom I think I know and whom he had just described to me should not deserve to have to get our hands dirty or commit a sin as great as murder. As soon as he went out, I asked that he be followed to see how he would return. In the street, he made a phone call and was picked up by the same vehicle that had dropped him off. I then sent him an audio message to repeat my remarks in order not only to remove any ambiguity but also to have on my side an audio recording of the content of our exchanges. He answered me naively, saying he was abandoning the poisoning project. I then immediately informed my relatives and some State authorities of this affair, specifying that these manipulators could go to another reckless person, who would not be sufficiently suspicious and might fall into the trap. I also called some close friends of Ousmane Sonko to express my disgust at such lowliness and astonishing ignominy. How can one respect such a sordid character? But the next morning, Ibrahima Iradian will return to the charge, in another audio message, to say, that after reflection, he cannot forgive and make Ousmane Sonko pay for his treachery because it is his own safety and that to achieve his ambition to become President of Senegal, Ousmane Sonko will not hesitate to sacrifice him as he has already sacrificed fourteen people on the occasion of the riots of March 2021. A number of deaths that, according to him, would not be fortuitous. He was rude and claimed that the fetishist told him again that Ousmane Sonko insisted on a new human sacrifice. I then resolved to be firm and to change my tone with him, forbidding him henceforth to seek any contact with me, if he persisted in talking about a poisoning project. Another audio will follow in which he apologised and thanked me for saving him from making a serious mistake. Since then, he has regularly sent messages of friendship to which I no longer reply.

If Ousmane Sonko Did Not Participate in the Poisoning Conspiracy, Let Him File a Complaint!

This crazy story reveals the personality of its fomenters and their cretinism. Indeed, in the well-born donkeys, dumbness does not wait for the number of years. You have to be stupid to imagine that I would give faith and agree to associate myself with a first comer who would propose an assassination plan. Someone who can think that another person with even a little reason and judgment would eat this bread is certainly a poor moron. Ibrahima Iradian proved to be a poor actor and would not fool many people. To the defensive body of this real fool, simple-minded, idiocy is mainly due to puppet players, those spirits who have built such a forfeiture and who turn out to be perfect fools, « imbeciles whose pride is seen through the holes of their intelligence », to use the words of Victor Hugo. Indeed, Valérie Lemercier said: « It’s never the fault of an actor who is bad at the cinema, he was either badly chosen or badly directed. »

Moreover, the facts are quite serious and if by chance Ousmane Sonko would like to make believe that he would not have been at the bottom of this approach, that he would not have inspired or organized it, or that he was even unaware of it, it is open to him to file a complaint and already I can assure him of my collaboration to help put him out of harm’s way from people who would seek to take his life. I remain at his disposal and that of the judicial institutions for all the elements described above and video recordings from the cameras of my home and neighbourhood. I have decided to make this case public so that no one is unaware of it!

By Madiambal DIAGNE / mdiagne@lequotidien.sn

  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH / Serigne S. DIAGNE

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