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Fight Against Climate Change: Macky Wants More Equity and Solidarity for Africa

At the Cop 27, taking place in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, Macky Sall called on States to respect the commitments « including the agreement of 100 billion dollars per year to support the adaptation efforts of developing countries » in the fight against climate change.

Spokesperson of the continent at Cop 27, in his capacity as current chair of the AU, Macky Sall called for the respect of the commitments made. According to Mr. Sall, Sharm-el-Sheikh « offers everyone, developed and developing countries, the opportunity to make history or to suffer from history« . Making history, for the head of state, is to keep « our commitments, all our commitments including the agreed one of 100 billion dollars per year to support the adaptation efforts of developing countries, and which is struggling to be achieved ». To suffer from history, he notes, is to « ignore the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, which is that those who pollute the most pay the most, to help get the planet out of its state of climate emergency ».

Speaking of Africa’s position, he stressed that we « came to Sharm el Sheikh in a spirit of responsible participation in saving the planet; determined to make history, not to suffer from it. » Continuing his advocacy, Macky Sall stressed: « We are ready to work with all partners so that the Sharm el Sheikh COP is not another statement on the climate danger, but one more action in favour of the climate, in the interest of current and future generations. » For him, « The time must no longer be for promises, but for action to save the planet, our common habitat ».In addition, the current president of the AUrecalled that « even if it contributes less than 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, Africa subscribes to the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality ». And to specify: « But as part of a concerted, fair and equitable energy transition, instead of unilateral decisions that harm our development process, including universal access to electricity that 600 million Africans are still deprived off. »In echo, the head of state recalled that with « the Congo Basin forest, our continent is also home to a quarter of what remains of tropical forests, offering the planet, one of its rare green lungs, biodiversity refuge that contributes to carbon sequestration ».

Macky Sall, who advocates for more efforts, expressed his willingness to move, « forward in adapting to climate change ».He said: « We bear the cost with the development of green projects often financed through debt even though the implementation of adaptation must be done through grants in accordance with agreed commitments. » Macky Sall also mentioned the ongoing projects. « In collaboration with the Global Centre on Adaptation and partner countries and institutions, last September we issued a call to action for the implementation of the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Agenda, » he said. « According to the Global Centre, cumulative adaptation financing planned before 2030 will, alas, represent less than a quarter of the needs estimated by African countries in their Nationally Determined Contributions. »

By Dieynaba KANE / dkane@lequotidien.sn

  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH

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